Печенье "Мюсличенье" с яблоком - TM "Leti"

Cookies “Mueslichenie” with apple bites

“Mueslichenie” is not just a cookie, it is a granola cookie, created according to modern healthy trends. It is baked without the use of flour, since the foundation of the cookies is cereal flakes and bran. The cereal base of the cookies enriches the body with fiber, keeps you full longer, and the organic apple bitesnot only add the flavor, but also enrich our body – with organic acids, vitamins and minerals. “Mueslichenie” is a tasty and healthy snack, ideal with milk, tea or coffee. Does not contain palm oil and trans fats.


-110 g (plastic container + color film)

Packaging: show box, qty: 9 * 110 g

-2 kg, show box

Expiration date:6 months