Сахарное печенье "Гороховецкое" - ТМ "Leti"

Sugar cookies “Gorokhovetskoe”

Sugarcookie is a classictype of cookie  that is so familiar and loved by everyone.

Moderately sweet, crumbly, with a delicate flavor of baked milk – in a combination with a cup of tea or coffee, our cookies will become an excellent breakfast for the whole family!


-176 g (color film)

Packaging: show box, qty: 20 * 176 g

-330 g (film)

Packaging: corrugated box, quantity: 12 * 330 g

– corrugated box, 5 kg

– corrugated box, 3.96 kg (in a transparent film 12 * 0.33 kg)

– show box, 2.5 kg

Shelf life: 6 months