Печенье "Гостинья" со вкусом сгущенного молока -ТМ "Leti"

Sugar cookies “Gostinya” with condensed milk flavor

Cookies “Gostinya” are made according to the traditional recipe, and their crumbly texture, delicate taste and condensed milk flavor are created in order to get together with the whole family for an evening tea!

Product does not contain palm oil.


-176 g (color film)

Packaging: show box, qty: 20 * 176 g

-330 g (film)

Packaging: corrugated box, quantity: 10 * 330 g

– corrugated box, 5 kg

– corrugated box, 3.96 kg (in a transparent film 10 * 0.33 kg)

– show box, 2.5 kg

Shelf life: 6 months