"Хрумченье" шоколадное с воздушным рисом - ТМ "Leti"

Chocolate cookies”Khrumchenie” with puffed rice

An absolute novelty – crispy chocolate chip cookies with puffed rice. What are the benefits of puffed rice? It does not contain gluten and is easily absorbed by the body due to its low fiber content, and it also removes excess liquid from the body, which helps lower blood pressure. And the combination of puffed rice and natural cocoa in cookies is a real mix of benefits and taste! The product does not contain palm oil.



-150 gr (plastic container + color film)

Packaging: show box, qty: 9 * 120 g

-0.75 kg, show box

-1.35 kg, show box

Shelf life: 7 months