Информация для поставщиков - Гороховецкая Мануфактура

Information for suppliers

At the moment, we work with a large number of suppliers of various raw materials and packaging materials, because the production of products such as corn sticks, bran, bread and cookies requires the use of a wide range of components. We carefully monitor the quality of the ingredients and offer cooperation to those suppliers whose products meet our strict requirements.

We approach business responsibly and always try to build long-term relationships with our suppliers. The quality of raw materials and the speed of delivery depend on our personal reputation in front of end users and trading partners. We hope that you also approach your work with full responsibility and focus on mutually beneficial cooperation. If this is the case, then contact us and perhaps we will start a new reliable partnership!
Contact phone number: -7 (919) 029-28-97 (supply department manager).

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