Хлебцы "ЗлакАктив" с кукурузой и тыквой - ТМ "Leti"

Crusty bread “Cereal” with corn and pumpkin

The line of loaves “Lac Active” is created especially for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, and pay great attention to their nutrition. Loaves, due to the high content of fiber and the presence of “long” carbohydrates, are easily absorbed by the body, and give a feeling of satiety. Fiber prevents the absorption of extra calories, so they help to get rid of excess weight. To make the taste of bread even brighter, we added sweet corn and fragrant pumpkin to them -because they are so rich in vitamins and trace elements, and this is another plus in favor of a healthy snack! Another advantage of loaves – double packaging : in one pack there are two individual small packages, which allows the product to retain its consumer qualities longer, and it is also an opportunity to take several types of bread with you for a snack at once!

-60 g (color film)
Packaging: corrugated box, qty: 20*60g

Shelf life: 12 months.