Хлебцы хрустящие овсяные запеченные - ТМ "Leti"

Crispy oatmeal baked bread

Loaves are a great alternative to regular bread. The technology of making bread is such that it retains the maximum amount of fiber and nutrients. Loaves are also useful because they contain only natural ingredients – in the manufacturing process, we do not use yeast, sugar, fats, preservatives and dyes, so we end up with a natural and healthy product. Oatmeal loaves are recommended for use with kidney ailments, with frequent colds in order to strengthen the immune system.  Loaves of TM “Leti” is a completely natural product-a grain base, without yeast, sugar, and artificial additives.

-60 g (color film)
Packaging: corrugated box, qty: 20*60g

Shelf life: 12 months.